Ben Goddard… from breaking down to breaking records.

Every time Ben thinks about his music and his journey to fullfil his lifetime ambition, he is filled with equal amounts of excitement, determination and fear.Ben-Goddard-young-guitarist

From a very early age I have been passionate about music and since the age of eleven I have dedicated all of my time to music.

After leaving secondary school with quite good grades, Ben was advised to take Chemistry, Math’s, Biology and Business but found it all too overwhelming.

I tired so hard but just couldn’t cope with the workload and huge pressure from the college to excel… I just wasn’t happy.  Although I turned to the guitar and songwriting even that couldn’t take my mind off the wrong path I felt I was on.  Eventually I had a panic attack (I well thought I was dying) and broke down and from that very moment, I started to build myself back up again.

From that moment, Ben didn’t return to his college subjects but instead left his usual life behind him and began to study contemporary music and business in Guildford.  This experience was immeasurable as Ben felt his was finally on the right track and mixing with some amazing, like-minded musicians who encouraged everything he wanted to achieve.

After graduating, Ben lived in London for a year where he worked in the music business. It was here that he learned what he needed to achieve in order to be a success in the songwriting business… and he has been working on his songwriting and performing talents since.

Lots of exciting things have happened since those days and now I find myself gearing up for my first planned release of the new single “Fallen For You”.

This is where we need your help… and boy do we need it…

If 4000 people download “fallen For You” from iTunes or Amazon then Ben Goddard & The Heartbeats will be placed in the Official UK Charts – completely unsigned, no management, no publishing – Nothing.  Just people power and hopefully what you believe is good music.

The song comes out on the 10th Dec at midnight! Everyone has one week to download the song. It’s just 99p and in one week you have the power to completely change the life of the Band.

There is no doubt that the task ahead is massive but we remain positive, work hard and believe in ourselves.

I hope you’re with me and you enjoy the song come the 10th Dec. Please share it amongst your friends too! I’m always grateful for your support… thank you!  Ben x



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