Coffee House Tour – Day 1

After headlining my first festival at Sofest13 (Omg! The crowd were amazing) I managed to get 5 hours of sleep before driving to London where I met @danielloughlin who is playing keys and acoustic with me on the tour. We loaded the bus with Dans gear and nearly drove off with his cat, who had made herself comfy in the back! I cracked a joke at this point – who can guess it? Winner gets a Ben Goddard Coffee Coaster!

9 hours later we rock up in Scotland. I’ve only been once before and that was a while back, but it’s exactly how I remembered it… Breathtaking landscapes and a lot of grey!

So it’s a hotel and an Indian take away for the first night. Enjoy the video 🙂 Tomorrow we play our first show for the Coffee House Tour at The university of St Andrews 🙂

B x