“My time in the studio”… Ben Goddard

After releasing the EP Belief in May 2012 I was eager to crack on with the next record. Possibly a bit to eager… but nevertheless I booked some studio time with Engineer & Producer Geoff Swan for late July and early August. We recorded 6 songs. Mike Breach on drums, Dan Woodcock on bass and of course Dan Loughlin on guitar.

Ben Goddard RehearsalListening back to a professional recording is probably one of the most rewarding things you can do as a band and as a writer it’s great to finally hear your ideas on a record. It’s not always an easy process though…

It became clear that this record was a lot more complicated than the last. A few days in and I already had huge regrets about starting this EP so soon after the last. It was taking much longer than I expected but it forced us to work harder and by the end I realised that my first thoughts were wrong, it wasn’t a complicated record, it was a more mature record.

Once the tracks had been recorded they were then mixed and following that, mastered.

I’ve decided to release the songs one at a time. I’m super proud of the outcome and I’m eager to prepare the next batch of songs for recording but this time I’m forcing myself to promote myself more. It’s about time I got out there right?

Please help spread the word!