Hello Hellooooo!

It's been a while since i've written a blog. You might remember the last one (Sir Paul)! I'm going to start writing more often and hopefully give you a decent insight into what The Heartbeats and I get up to behind the scenes.

I should probably start by thanking everyone who has bought a copy of "Belief" on itunes or at a gig. The support I've had has always been great but over the last year it's been totally overwhelming. I hope you feel like you're a member of the band and part of the journey because I wouldn't have it any other way.

We've been playing shows nearly every week for the entire summer and each one has been brilliant. You may have noticed that Sian has left the band to peruse other opportunities. We wish her well. Mike Breach has taken over drumming duties for the rest of our summer schedule. He's added a powerful dimension to the band and his personality suits ours.


Just got back from Blissfields Festival. We played on the second stage thursday night and then camped out as fans for the remaining few days. It was a very welcome break for all of us as we've been working pretty hard recently. I was impressed and inspired by a few of the bands. The stand out ones for me were: Clock Opera, King Charles, Imperial Leisure, Charlotte Church & The Noisettes. All of the bands were really tight and v good in their own way but time and time again the songs just passed me by. The more successful bands at the festival all had huge songs that I could sing to you right now, having heard them just the once. It just proves that songwriting is the key.

The festival was brilliant though. Lovely people, bands, food and organisers. Big thank you to Paul & Mel Bliss for having us.

Other news

The next record is underway and recording has been booked. More soon.

Again. A massive thank you for your support.

B x

James McCartney @ The Camden Barfly - 15th Dec 2011

Not entirely sure where to start with this one…..

I arrived in London @ 5:45pm and was shown to my very own dressing room! I've never had my own dressing room before so this was surely a step up in the world! After settling down and chilling, the band and I set our gear up on stage and had our soundcheck, before taking a walk around Camden and getting some food - Burritooooos!

There's always a long wait between soundcheck and actually going on stage (when gigs are being run well and on time) so we headed back to the dressing room where we were joined by friend Will Wainewright and my brother Blake. We had a few beers and later spoke to James McCartney in his dressing room, who was chillin out to some music! He was a nice guy, very quiet and relaxed.

Throughout the night there seemed to be an increasing amount of security and we were all given some passes.

The promoter came up and called us to the stage. We did a bit of a band huddle, said a few words and then hit the stage.

The reaction from the crowd was sweet and really pleasing. Lots of people at the front dancing and lots of lovely comments afterwards. Everyone had a good time.

Then I went from the stage to being a fan myself and waited in the crowd for James to take to the stage. When I thought this night couldn't really get any better James' family… Sir Paul, Stella and Mary piled in through the side door and boogied away to a great and captivating set by James - who btw, is a really really good guitar player.

After James' set we went back to the dressing rooms where we later met his family and chatted at length about music and friends. It was immediately evident how down to earth the McCartney's are. Sir Paul's friendly persona and positive energy was infectious - He was loving it just as much as we were.

To end the night on a massive high Sir Paul himself suggested that we all had a picture together and took one of my CD's.

Sian Monaghan (Drums) and I made our way back to Winchester absolutely buzzing and reflecting on an truly incredible night. Not only were we inspired by the music but also just how nice The McCartney's were.

I learnt an awful lot from tonight and I'm filled with great hope.

I'm so grateful to everyone that played a part in a hugely successful night... to my band Dan Woodcock, Dan Loughlin and Sian Monaghan, the promoters SPC and some new friends & fans.

Thanks a lot & hopefully see you on the 30th Dec to see out the year @ The Joiners.

Take it easy,